Due to our globalization, we are able to provide a wide range of products at competitive market prices with fast and efficient delivery.
Also, our international production units offer flexibility in production possibilities and we guarantee our products are of high quality.


Management team:

Olesya Özata – Merchansider
Tahir Özata – General Manager
Zafer Şarbak – Production in Charge
Özkan Hakverdi – Managing Director
Rimma Zamanova – Head Merchandiser
Özkan Hakverdi – Managing Director
Dimitri Cebanov – Planning Manager


TEB Fashion International is a modern production enterprise with advanced production techniques. At present it has 12 production lines which efficiently meet the demands of our customers.


The products are manufactured entirely by our own production facilities on a high quality level. TEB Fashion International’s goal is to develop the production unit further to a full compliance level with independent cutting, sewing and finishing facilities.


The 7000 m2 factory is equipped with a first aid unit, crèche facility and provides a safe work environment. Staff turnover is minimal due to employee satisfaction. Working conditions and conditions of employment meet local government rules and BKMEA requirements.


Download: TEB BSCI audit.


BSCI: Our production-units are BSCI certified.